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Torrent Search
Allen Smithy
Search Torrents in more than 32 Top Torrent Search engines.
...Torrent Search sites. The Torrent Search engines in ...Highlight the Torrent Search Results (optional)...
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Engineering
McGraw Hill Companies
Whether you're a professional, a student, a writer, or a general...
...the various branches of engineering or gain an ...for, click on the "search" button, and every...
Foxit PDF IFilter
Foxit Software Company
PDF IFilter is a file indexing program for cataloging large number of PDF documents. Flexible...
...PDF documents. Flexible search engine finds the required ...to improve the search capabilities. It takes...
Burd's Proxy Searcher
Burd's Proxy Searcher is an open source program designed to help you find free-of-charge proxy...
...Internet using the public search engines, checks if those proxies...
Components Engine Viewer
ProgetPlus srl
Components Engine Viewer is a free viewer necessary for browsing offline catalog publications...
Components Engine Viewer is a free viewer ...navigation panel, you can search the catalog in order...
Web Search
JetSoft Corporation
JetSoft Web Search is software that let you search something in over 200 search engine that is categorized...
...let you search something in over 200 search engine that is...
Context Menu Search
This extension for Chrome browser can be used to search for selected text using...
...context menu. The search results are shown in ...can also add different search engines to this list...
SearchWithin, as its name indicates, is more or less another search engine with similar functions...
...or less another search engine with similar ...Since SearchWithin creates a search index in a prior...
Password Recovery Engine for Excel
Password Recovery Engine for Excel (XLPRE) is a software product that recovers passwords to open for MS Excel (*.XLS)...
Password Recovery Engine for Excel ( ...Fast Excel password recovery search speed; - Dictionary attack;...
MariusSoft File Searcher
MariusSoft LLC
Start up File Searcher, tells which folders are most likely to hold that report, tell...
...powerful regular expression engine that searches any type of ...date range - Search files for multiple...
Yahoo! Desktop Search
Yahoo! India Private Ltd
Yahoo! Desktop Search is a free, downloadable application that makes it easy for you to search...
...contacts, Yahoo! Desktop Search can help you find ...of the leading Web search engines, you know it’s...
This application allows you to search files in any local area network. NetworkSearcher 3.7 will make your life...
...This application will search in all the computer ...is similar to most search engines on the Internet...
Image Forensic Search System
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST
Image Forensic Search System (IFSS) is free, open source software for image searching. It allows you to search...
...another image, or search images that are ...image, type of search, search parameters, and which...
Dragon Deep Search
Waterfield's Billing
Dragon Deep Search is developed by Waterfield's Billing. Dragon Deep Search is a quick internet search tool which will open...
...or multiple search engines selected With Dragon Deep Search your searches produce...
Bing Save Search Results Software
Save Bing search results and/or the full page behind each search result. Save results as text...
...from a Bing search. After entering the search text, the user...
My Auction Search
Rock Meadow Software
My Auction Search is a personal eBay search manager and multi-tabbed auction search...
...of auctions. -Integrated auction search engine, search manager and multi-browser...
Search Automator FORCE
Simply Brilliant Inc. (Derek Franklin)
Enter a search, and FORCE will automatically provide you a list of related...
...a list of related searches to explore, if you ...content similar to your search request. No more...
Disk Search Assistant
Disk Search Assistant has special “Preview” pane, which was designed to save user form routine job. You can...
...file search engines. - Search text. Disk Search Assistant provides ability to search text. -...
Subject Search Server
Kryloff Technologies, Inc.
SSServer lets visitors search your Web site for the information they are looking for...
...produces a line of search products, including our ...add site-search capabilities. The search form and...
Search Accelerator
zhang song
The fastest way to search the Internet and it's FREE. No experience needed to use...
...connection to query popular search engines and will return an...

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